On August 30, 1998 a group of commercial location scouts and location managers formed a professional organization, the Association of Commercial Location Professionals [ACLP].

The formation of the organization culminates approximately a year's worth of efforts by various members meeting in small groups and communicating with each other through the Internet.

The Association represents the location scouts and managers working in Southern California's commercial industry.

The Association plans to become a source of information and materials to help explain to the industry and the general public the crucial role that location professionals play in Southern California's multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.

The Association intends to play a significant role in holding down costs and making location filming more efficient for commercial production companies working in the Southern California area. To accomplish these tasks, the Association hopes to work closely with the Association of Independent Commercial Producers [AICP], E.I.D.C., the California State Film Commission, et. al. to maintain and enlarge upon the film-friendly environment for producers in Southern California.

The Association has elected an interim steering committee that will guide it through its early stages. The committee consists of Ron Abrams, Bill Bowling, Jerry Jaffe, Marino Pascal, Tom Richer, Dennis Thomann and Frank Yoshikane.

For inquiries, please contact Frank Yoshikane at [714] 962-0027.

8/30/98 photo by Dennis Thomann

From left to right, back to front

Frank Yoshikane ? Rick White Keith Nakata Barbara Miller Toby Tilley Dan Halprin Marie Paul Goislard David Fertig
- Russ Thomas - Rob Gregory Jeff Morris James Lin - Ted Beauregard Bob Hershey
Steve Dayan Laura Brown Baxter Bill Bowling Nancy Lazarus John McKinney Peter Gluck Joni Coyote Scott Dewees Jack Constantine
Dennis Thomann Ron Abrams Jerry Jaffe Tom Richer Marino Pascal Kelly Sullivan Geoff Juckes Will Regan

Also attended but not pictured:Dorsey Bethume, Ken Haber, Galidan Nauber.